Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fairy Tales In New York

My favorite course I am taking at the moment is Applied Fashion Styling with Sarah Shirley; she is an established and talented Stylist currently in the industry. Styling is my minor and I am determined on having a finished portfolio by the time I graduate! Our first photo shoot took place this last Tuesday(3/10/09) and it was most definitely an amazing learning experience. The theme was Fairy Tales in New York, and we had free- range to interpret this whichever way we pleased. The gang was certainly all there.. Tinker Bell, Snow White, The Wicked Witch, and Candy Land amongst others. I took a more whimsical, nerdy chic approach with my own made up character in my own made up fairy tale (welcome to my world!) Eric Hason was the photographer who brought all of our visions to life. I can't wait to see how the shoot came out, and will post those pictures as soon as I get my little hands on them. I have another shoot in April and am always looking to do tests for my portfolio. Do what you love! ALWAYS

Why I Write

Does an artist really know why he paints? 
Throughout the years I would mindlessly pick up a pen and write down every significant thought that came to mind. I believed that if I didn't write it down it simply couldn't be real; that it was just a minor thought that would be forgotten or not mean a thing to me in a minute. There was no life saving reason for this, I rather found it quite therapeutic. I never questioned this motive until I stumbled upon George Orwell's Why I Write. Hmm..this could be interesting why do I write? In Orwell's eyes, he wrote because he felt as if it was his calling or fate if you may. He wrote because he thought he would disrupt nature's course if he chose another path. He spoke of other reasons for why people write-mine being
AESTHETIC ENTHUSIASM: The perception of beauty in the external world, the desire to share these visions and experiences with others 
I write in attempt to temporarily lend others my eyes; see the beauty I see ,feel and live everyday.It is quiet liberating...BUY A JOURNAL!